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Looking to add a little extra to your patio and need a local Ashurstwood Patio Expert? Well look no further than Terracotta Paving Ltd, as well as experience we bring loads of Patio Ideas to help you get a place to sit on long summer days or to entertain more guests at a summer barbecue.

Make sure to choose the best Patio contractors in Ashurstwood by choosing Terracotta Paving Ltd Ashurstwood.

Why Choose Terracotta Paving Ltd Ashurstwood Patio?

Terracotta Paving Ltd offers a wide range of patio designs and laying services throughout the Ashurstwood and area. Having a Terracotta Paving Ltd Patio can help expand the living space of your home, adding value to your property and allowing extra room to entertain any guests on summer days.

Terracotta Paving Ltd's patio contractors always provide top quality workmanship and customer service on all our patio, path and step installations, all at highly competitive prices.

We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself, so we offer a 10 year guarantee on all patios, paths, steps and many of our other services.

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Ashurstwood Patio Paving Services

Our Patio and Paver services include some of the following:

  • Patio Laying
  • Natural Stone Patios
  • Slate Paving
  • Block Paving
  • Traditional Patio Slabs
  • Mix of Patio materials such as paving and shingle
  • Paths, forecourts and patios
  • Brick walls, Retaining walls
  • Edging
  • Water Features

Advantages to Patio in Ashurstwood

Having a patio installed by Terracotta Paving's patio contractors will have some advantages for your Ashurstwood home.

  • Increase the Value of your Ashurstwood home
  • Extend your living area
  • Provide a place to have BBQs & Family Events
  • Low Maintenance
  • Enjoy Summer Days more often
  • Easy to repair

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Looking for patio experts outside of Ashurstwood?

Our patio paving services are well respected around the Ashurstwood area, however we also provide them to the following locations:

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