Block paving driveway repairs & refurbishment

Terracotta Paving Ltd can make your block paving look like new without the need for a replacement driveway.

Our professional cleaning services bring your Kent driveway back to life. A power washer can be used ‘chemical free’ to ensure an environmentally friendly process.

  • Sunken areas re-levelled
  • Weed killer and moss/algae killer
  • Re-sanding of paving joints
  • Professional power washing

We’re happy to look at any driveways installed by other companies, if you think they require repair or replacement.

Our driveway repair work also gives customers the opportunity to enhance their Kent driveway. Improvements such as a change of edging, a feature circle or a new block pattern can rejuvenate the whole area.

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Driveway repair services in Kent

Tarmac Driveway Repair Service

Tarmac offers a quick-to-lay option which is highly durable and will often last for over a decade. Tarmac is suitable for all weather conditions and is great for areas that are regularly exposed to the elements.

However, harsh winters can sometimes take their toll on an older tarmac driveway. Damage and wear can be easily repaired by our team at a low cost.

Our tarmac repair and resurfacing services include:

  • Patch repairs
  • Resurfacing complete area
  • Moss and algae treatment
  • Re-levelling sunken areas

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